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Escape with a Good Book – I’m giving two away.

photo credit, Hanna Kirby

Who wants a free book? Read to the end of this post to find out how to get two. That’s right, friends, you could win not one but two books, just by reading this post and one other tiny thing, but it’s easy—I promise.

What are you reading? A huge part of learning to write well is reading. I love to read, and now, I can say I’m working when I’m ignoring the world around me, sucked it to a great story. But as I writer, I also need to read a wide variety of books. My to-be-read list has reached thirty, and that’s just fiction books. This year, I’m making a reading plan at the suggestion of a very wise man. In the past, my plan has consisted of reading whatever was suggested by reading groups or small groups. My plan is to read lots of new novels, two classics, three or four craft or professional books, and three or four books on faith matters. For one of the classics, I plan to read Crime and Punishment, but I still need a suggestion for another. Please give me your favorites.

I’ve already finished Pursuing God by A.W. Tozar and highly recommend it. Another great part of being an author is being on launch teams and getting Advanced Reader’s Copies of books. One of the first books I read this year was The Line Between by Tosca Lee. It will come out at the end of January, but you can pre-order it now or wait for my February Giveaway and maybe you’ll win it. By the way, if you love books as much as me, a great place to get deals is They send you daily deals. I just got a book for $.99. (Wahoo! I love a great deal.)

This brings me to the second part of this post. Unless you are one of those people who doesn’t like to follow directions. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Dad.) Friends, this is the good part. I’m going to start doing Giveaways every month to help grow my subscriber list and interact more with you.

This month I’m giving away two of my favorite St. Simons Island books. The first is The Lighthouse by Eugenia Price. It is the first in the St. Simons Trilogy and begins the story of the man who would eventually build the first St. Simons Lighthouse. The second book is Images of a Golden Isle: Saint Simons Island by Anne Ford Nermoe. This is a beautiful book of photography, created by an Island Local, and bonus, it is signed by the author. When I need inspiration or just want to feel like I’m home, I’ll flip through these pictures.

So how do you enter to win? It’s simple. If you are reading this as an email, that means you have already completed part one. The second part is to comment on the website with a classic book selection, the book you are currently reading, your all-time favorite book, or where I am in the picture. You will have to go to the website: to comment. I love it when you reply to my emails, but to enter the contest you must comment on this post on the website.

Okay, now I thought I would give y’all some book recommendations from the books my family and I read last year. I’m leaving off most of the Christmas books, but be sure to check back next fall for Holiday recommendations. Happy Reading!

Contemporary Romance
Sweetbriar Cottage and Honeysuckle Dreams - Denise Hunter

A Twist of Faith and Charming the Trouble Maker - Pepper Basham

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck – Bethany Turner

Once Upon a Prince – Rachel Hauck (bonus: this one starts out on St. Simons Island and was made into a Hallmark movie, and I’ll be hanging with the author for four days in March.)
Slipt-Time – (this is when the story takes place in two different times, and they are connected by something from the past in the present.) 
The Writing Desk – Rachel Hauck

Freedom’s Ring – Heidi Chiavaroli                

Before We were Yours – Lisa Wingate

The Wedding Dress – Rachel Hauck
Christy – Catherine Marshal

The Shiloh Trilogy – Karl Bacon
Historical Romance 
A lady of Esteem – Kristi Ann Hunter

Ladies of the Manor Series – Roseanna White (Libby just read these a second time and there is a book review on my website.)
SuspenseThe Line Between – Tosca Lee
Southern Literary Fiction
Into the Free and Perennials – Julie Cantrell

Mourning Dove – Claire Fullerton
Young AdultTime Echoes Trilogy – Bryan Davis
Mainstream Historical Fiction
The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah

America’s First Daughter – Laura Kamoie and Stephanie Dray

A New Year’s Eve Song, a flash fiction story by Leslie DeVooght

Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a great start. I’ve been thinking about this story for a while and may have been writing notes while driving my son to school. (just at stop lights … mostly) It started when I heard a song on the radio, but then it evolved into a very different story. Several songs ended up inspiring different parts. I hope you enjoy it.

What songs do you think inspired it? What song would you like me to write a story about? I can always use inspiration. Blessings to you all.

A gust of frigid air swished down the jetway, pricking Melanie’s wind-burned cheeks. She wrapped her knitted scarf around her face until she could barely peek over the edge. Thank goodness for Great-Aunt Nadine’s hobby, creating items of warmth. Melanie had snuggled into them every day after skiing in Colorado’s winter wonderland. Her family’s annual trek from the Georgia Coast to the mountains always left her bittersweet—never quite ready to leave but longing for home.

She loved the peace that embraced her as she soared over the snow, silence in the roar of the wind whipping by her. And this year, she’d needed to escape that song—the one her sister insisted on playing on repeat. How would she react if she knew the truth behind it?

As people crammed closer together, Melanie tried to find peace. But after her flight was delayed, her grasp on patience was slipping from her frozen fingers, and now someone was holding up the boarding.

Glancing out the window, she studied the snowflakes clinging to the plastic, each crystal an individual representation of God’s handiwork. She exhaled, inching forward with the line.

“No problem, ma’am. Love meetin’ my fans.” His southern drawl, thick as molasses, stung Melanie’s ears. It could not be him.

She rose on her toes, peering over the shoulder of the woman in front of her.

“Hope y’all have a happy new year.” He passed an oxygen mask and a marker to the flight attendant, tossing her that irritatingly charming lopsided grin.

Chase Hudson, country music’s newest superstar and the last man Melanie wanted to see.

“You just let me know if you need anything.” The flight attendant hugged the mask to her chest, waving the passengers down the aisle.

Heat attacked Melanie’s skin, but she couldn’t remove her disguise. Hopefully, he wouldn’t recognize her under her stocking cap and scarf.

Talk about bittersweet. A perfect way to describe hearing his number one hit on the radio. At least, no one knew her secret, and she intended to make sure that didn’t change.

When a teenage girl held up her cell phone in front of Chase, Melanie squeezed behind him.

“Sure thing, sweetheart. Glad you like my little—”

Uh, oh—deafening silence met Melanie but no peace.

“Do you smell that?” A hand caught her wrist.

So close. She sighed, looking over her shoulder.

Chase’s sniffed the air. “Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and the slightest hint of vanilla.” He lowered his gaze, holding her captive in those deep, brown eyes. “I’d know that scent anywhere.”

Her pulse raced, a bead of sweat sliding down her neck, but he didn’t deserve another second of her attention. “It’s very common.” She arched a brow. Try the produce section at any grocery store.” She tugged her arm lose and navigated down the aisle.

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