Book Blurbs

Love is Elementary

Is love elementary? For Parker and Caroline, it’s anything but simple. After the loss of his wife and her failed engagement, neither plans to love again.

On St. Simons Island, Parker Hall lives a simple, predictable life, raising his daughter, Amelia. Romance plays no role in their lives—someone might get hurt, and Parker’s determined they’ve suffered enough.

When Caroline Walker returns home as principal of the Island’s elementary school, he lets down his guard—she’s merely his sister’s friend. Caroline plans to stay long enough to launch her career and land a prestigious job. But with a failing school and a plot to demolish her building, she needs help, even if she won’t admit it. Parker is the PTA president, and although he was her high school crush, it was years ago. Working together, their friendship grows, but that must be where it ends.

They make a good team, but she’s planning to leave, and his heart’s not ready. Friendship must be enough, but with the warm waters of the Atlantic lapping at their ankles, anything is possible.


Love is Stormy

Hurricanes rarely touch St. Simons Island, and cheating spouses rarely get a second chance. But just like the weather, love can be unpredictable. After discovering Brick’s affair, Paige struggles to find joy and her purpose. What had once been a deep, passionate love became a lifeless, bitter existence, washing away their dreams.

Desperate to move on from her marriage, Paige destroys Brick’s rose garden in a rage of forgiveness. Brick’s anger is tempered by a glimpse of the woman he fell in love with, and he gives into the relentless pull to change his life, striving for the dreams he abandoned. When his controlling parents cut him off, he has nowhere to turn, so Brick moves into his former home with Paige. While they are busy fighting their lingering feelings of love and betrayal, their seven-year-old daughter, Gertie, plots to save the marriage. When it’s time to evacuate for Hurricane Hazel, Gertie puts her plan into motion, leaving her parents to weather the storm.

With only candle light and close quarters, they can’t avoid each other or their hearts. Is it possible for them to find what they once had? Can they bury their mistakes with grace?




A Heart Misguided

If being a model Christian who performed good deeds and earned perfect grades were the keys to high school popularity, Tess would have opened all the locks.  Although she blames her good girl reputation for her bleak social life, it probably has more to do with her self-righteous and her unsolicitated lifestyle advice.  Now that she is headed for Mountain University, she seizes the opportunity to recreate herself.  Tess only hesitates a moment when she meets Will, the perfect Christian guy, but she can’t fall for the first guy she meets.  Will and Jesus can be part of her life, as long as the don’t interfere with her agenda to party and meet guys – lots of guys.

Tess soon realizes that she is more attractive than she ever thought, and Ryder, the University heartthrob is interested in her.  Tess knows that following Jesus is the true path to real, honest love, and he should be her heart’s only guide.  But the idea of a relationship with a guy, who most girls consider unattainable, has Tess willing to compromise.  How far will she go to keep Ryder interested?  Will she be able to reclaim her faith when it was only based on her obedience?  Is there any hope for a future with Will?