Book Blurbs

A Heart Misguided

          If being a model Christian who performed good deeds and earned perfect grades were the keys to high school popularity, Tess would have opened all the locks.  Although she blames her good girl reputation for her bleak social life, it probably has more to do with her self-righteous and her unsolicitated lifestyle advice.  Now that she is headed for Mountain University, she seizes the opportunity to recreate herself.  Tess only hesitates a moment when she meets Will, the perfect Christian guy, but she can’t fall for the first guy she meets.  Will and Jesus can be part of her life, as long as the don’t interfere with her agenda to party and meet guys – lots of guys.

Tess soon realizes that she is more attractive than she ever thought, and Ryder, the University heartthrob is interested in her.  Tess knows that following Jesus is the true path to real, honest love, and he should be her heart’s only guide.  But the idea of a relationship with a guy, who most girls consider unattainable, has Tess willing to compromise.  How far will she go to keep Ryder interested?  Will she be able to reclaim her faith when it was only based on her obedience?  Is there any hope for a future with Will?